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You quit your office life
You worked hard for it
Now it's time to play

Do you work remotely? Are you a digital nomad? Do you sometimes wish it was easier to get a group to go surfing, cycling, hiking or rock climbing? Want to meet other remote entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers? 

We're nomads and we know that finding your tribe in a new location can take forever. That's why we created Revity - community where adventurers who live the location independent life actually meet and do stuff.

Loren R., nomad for 4 years

"Finally an app where I can meet other travelers that doesn’t revolve around alcohol and partying!
Most nomadic people find their mental and physical health fall apart as they travel. I love it that Revity helps me avoid this!"

Actually do stuff

Tried some Slack or FB groups? Drowned in accommodation offers and irrelevant noise? Your message got lost in the endless WhatsApp scroll?


On Revity, we are all about actually meeting to do fun stuff. Dedicated events page, sport groups and local community managers in digital nomad hubs make the magic work.

After Workout

Find training buddies

Having a fitness routine as a nomad is difficult. Use your personalised profile to find training buddies whether it is cross fit, yoga, running, rock climbing, swimming or whatever else rocks your boat. Need a gym recommendation? Not sure where to buy your supplements? Ask others and feel like a local in minutes.

Exploring Nature

Explore new places

Location independence should not be only about visiting main nomad cities. Explore community hubs on beautiful islands, work from remote mountain huts with a small group of others. Find out about the best outdoorsy digital nomad spots thanks to location hub groups & regularly updated resources.

Friends in Camper Van

Find your people

Digital nomad lifestyle looks like a dream, but it does get lonely. When there is no one location to connect you with others, we think that a shared passion is the best way to find your tribe. We don't do small talk. We talk about adventure, raw emotions, stepping into the growth zone. Find people who get you as you are and feel you belong, wherever you are going next.

Top outdoorsy spots for digital nomads
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 You didn’t quit your 9-5 to sit on a sofa. Join now and make 2022 count! 

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Still not sure?

Digital Nomad

You didn't quit your 9-5 to watch Netflix after work

Don't regret not taking all the adventures which location independent lifestyle offers you. Join us. Let's make it epic.

You love freedom and quit your office 9-5 (or never even started it!) to explore the world. You didn't want to live for the weekend and two weeks of holidays a year. Good on you. We also think that the corporate desk office lifestyle is rubbish. Not when you can work from anywhere in your flip-flops.


So you have now built this amazing location independent lifestyle, you work from stunning places and all your friends back home think you are living the dream... but are you?


Maybe you found yourself watching Netflix again last night. Or going to that hostel party you didn't really want to go to. Maybe you would like to meet someone likeminded to have a genuine, meaningful relationship with. Maybe it's because you're not nearly as active as you thought you were gonna be and you never quite learnt how to surf despite being in Fuerteventura for three months last winter. Maybe.

Do you know what it is? 

It's called falling back into the routine you grew up with. Yes, you set out to build a life of adventure. But Rome was not built in a day and neither your new lifestyle will be. It gets lonely, being on the road. You are likely a freelancer or have your own business. This also gets lonely AF and we get it. 

We are nomads ourselves and we found ourselves missing out on plenty of fun stuff we could have been doing, but, well... we weren't. 

Our solution? A community for people who are remote workers and love socialising in a fun, active way. Morning runs? Yoga sessions? Hike on the weekend? Spikeball game after work? We love that stuff. We motivate each other to get up from the sofa and explore. Push outside that comfort zone. Be the person we set out to become. 

You are always so much more capable than you think you are. You overestimate what you can do in a month, but underestimate the absolutely extraordinary life you can create in 5 years, with the right community around you. 

Let's do this, friend. Let them say "hell of a ride!" when we're done.

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We love hearing from people who share our passion for remote work and the outdoors. If you have any questions about Revity or if you would like to discuss a potential collaboration please get in touch. 

We also have a very generous affiliate program for nomads and remote workers who want to help us reach more users. If this is something you would like to do, please apply below.

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