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Marketing Specialist

Remote in Europe

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Revity mission is to provide digital nomads with a more active life. Loneliness and lack of community is the #1 reason why digital nomads abandon their lifestyle. At the same time, most digital nomads are adventure seekers and love the outdoors.
We are connecting these two points, allowing digital nomads to connect based on their outdoorsy interests, organising and attending events or just sharing tips and adventures.
We are in really early stages, we just launched in early October. We are looking for a part-time freelance with marketing and social media experience that will help us to reach a broader audience and to bring early adopters and first clients.
We currently have only an Instagram account (, but we are open to any other medium that might work.


  • You have experience with marketing for a B2C product

  • You have experience running user research and interviews

  • You have autonomy and do not need to be micromanaged

  • You have ownership of the projects you run, challenging the rest of the team members when required

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