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Get the skills


Working towards a sport or a fitness goal? Or maybe learning a new skill? Whatever the reason, we all need a great coach from time to time.

Browse various outdoor sport disciplines wherever you are: in the mountains, by the ocean or in a city. (2).gif

Check individual profiles and pick the instructor you resonate with the most.

Detailed activity pages with clearly explained activity levels, from beginners to advanced.


Chat directly with the instructors to find exactly what you are looking for before you book.

Get the app!

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By booking with Revity, you are supporting the local economy & independent providers because we don't charge commission

Revity is for you if...

Female Rock Climber are looking for performance coaching

Already have your favourite sports but feeling a bit stuck? Want to nail that particular trick or a move? Or maybe just brush up on technique? Get that extra confidence boost through performance coaching.


With us, you'll find the right person in minutes thanks to detailed instructor profiles and filters made by and for adventure sport addicts.

Bikers Going Downhill are looking for a guide to show you top spots

Even if you are a pro, discovering new routes always takes time and sometimes is impossible without insider's knowledge. 


Or maybe you want someone to keep an eye on you as you go out surfing or wild swimming - you know, just in case.

Whatever your reasons, we can connect you with local guides that can also provide the material to take the stress of planning out of the equation and let the fun begin.

Learning to Skate want to try something new

You're never too old to learn something new and in fact learning new sports slows down the ageing and keeps us healthier! So go ahead and try that sport you always wished you learnt as a kid.


Don't fret about not knowing where to start - just browse the activities and our detailed activity pages & friendly instructors will get you ready for the day. You can also book for specific day and time, so trying a new adventure sport has never been easier!

Dare to live an extraordinary life

Exploring Nature
Surfing Lessons
Best Friends


Find adventure sport coaches and outdoor activities wherever you are, whatever your skill level. Browse by location or activity type.

Relaxation or a challenge - we've got you covered.


In our marketplace, connect directly with instructors & guides for a personalised experience.


In the community, find your tribe to socialise, overcome fears or train together.


Manage all your bookings and pay online in a few clicks. Attend community events and make friends or network better.

Less browsing, more fun.


Being active outdoors clears your head and boosts your energy like nothing else will.

Disconnect, fill your lungs with fresh air and discover living to the fullest.

Get the app for free!

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